Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

With pesticides banned in public spaces, it’s quite a sight seeing them in full bloom. But they don’t last long! They were out for about 3 days. This morning we went back to the same fields, only to find they’ve gone to seed already! A great day to ‘Make A Wish’.


Cry Me A River

The day I took these photos was the day my Mom had passed away. It was around 4:30-5pm on Feb 20th and I’d just driven from the hospital after many hours there and the sorrow of leaving my Mom, and her leaving us.  When I got home, my dog was itching to go out, so we drove down to Ashbridges Bay. When I saw this, I was bowled over by this ‘flood’ of melted snow. It was odd, but beautiful. And it was foggy. I was in a fog. Fog seems to add sadness and beauty to things I find. And silence. Kind of perfect really. I remember posting these photos on Facebook when I got home and messaged a friend asking, “Is it horrible of me to post photos the day my Mom died?” She immediately wrote me back and said, “No, of course not. It’s your connection to people and allowing you to do what you love, with love.” I thought that was sweet. The days that followed this one, the weather spoke to me vividly. There was an incredible sunset the night of Mom’s funeral and the next morning (and late afternoon) sunbeams that shot through the grey clouds. I remember looking up, smiling and thinking she was sending us a message. I haven’t seen an amazing sky since then, but I haven’t really paid attention. Those days were super-charged, and seem to have carried me along.


‘A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever…’

This is the first line from my Mom’s favorite poem, Endymion by John Keats. I just found this out at her funeral, which was on Tuesday. It makes me sound like we weren’t close, but we were. My sister, who had told a funny story around that poem, had also just found out this was Mom’s favorite poem a few months back. And my other sisters had no idea. My Mom was an open – and closed – book. How can she be both you ask? She was vivacious and social and fun, yet kept her cards/feelings close to her chest. And to God. She was religious, but didn’t burden us with following the faith, she survived some painful experiences, including the loss of two of her grown children, and many years with a fun, but sometimes unmanageable husband, yet she danced through life with a genuine grace, beauty and charm. I think it was the strength of that generation of women (she was in her 97th year when she left us) that has shown us that we can pretty much survive anything compared to what they endured. A true beauty in every way and a wonderful mother. She will be missed. The photos of the sunset were taken the day of her funeral. Just magnificent and colourful. Like her. And the following late afternoon, the sunbeams shining through made me think that she had found her maker, and they were sitting down together for a good ole chinwag. RIP Mom  ♥  Elda Walton: July 10, 1921 – Feb 20th, 2018


2018 Toronto Calendar

Hello! It’s that time of year where I put together a calendar of photos I’ve taken on my walks around Toronto. As I haven’t been doing my daily walks with Sunshine since May (when she passed away) I’ve decided to go further afield than Leslieville, and include other parts of this city this year. If you’re interested in getting one, please contact me through this site or drop me an email at [email protected] – $20

Here’s a few of the pics that will be in it.