And…that’s a wrap for Leslieville Lives; Stories from the ‘Ville!

Hello Readers of Leslieville Lives; Stories from the ‘Ville. I’ve decided after two years and 41 stories  to end this project. Time for a change? Moving on? Not exactly sure. I wanted to go out on ’42’ stories – the meaning of life and all  – but alas, couldn’t make that last one happen. Perhaps a few Special Editions in the future. As with my other lengthy neighbourhood project (A Day in the Life of Leslieville) this one too,  is getting a little send off. Being Valentine’s Week , it seems a good time to send this love letter to those who generously agreed to tell their stories. From joyful to overcoming extreme adversity to surviving all that life throws at us. And to the readers, for sharing in this experience by reading the stories. Thank You! Enjoy this tribute. I will continue posting pics of Leslieville, Toronto and surrounds so don’t say goodbye to the page! Just a fond farewell to this special project. Look out for the book in the future. There will be one!  Diane xox

Leslieville Lives; Stories from the ‘Ville – Louisa Burgess Corbett

Meet Louisa. I first heard of Lou through a mutual friend who takes singing lessons from her. He spoke of her often and that she would make a great Leslieville Lives story; for many reasons. I finally met with her and can vouch that my friend was right. Her life/experiences may strike a chord with some of you out there: from her climb to fame and fortune in the theatre, which saw a death in the family and discrimination in the ranks reroute her life, to infertility, adoption(s), the break up of her marriage from her husband of 20 years when he came out as gay, and devastating heartbreak which led to a nervous breakdown.


Leslieville Lives; Stories from the ‘Ville – Christiane Tetreault

Meet Christiane. Many of you know her from her pop-up markets, events and ongoing involvement in the community, if not her tall, dark and striking stature! I first met Christiane in the early days of my Day in the Life of Leslieville project. It was a blustery & snowy January day and she was bent over shovelling the sidewalk. I snapped a photo of her, which went in that day’s post, but before continuing our walk, she raised her head, said ‘Hi’ and was gushing over Sunshine. We’ve been friends and business barterers ever since.


Leslieville Lives; Stories from the ‘Ville – The Sisters of Life

Meet the Sisters of Life. From left to right: Sr. Marita, Sr. Marie Veritas, Sr. John Mary, Sr. Josephine Rose, Sr. Maria Kateri and Sr. Claudia Marie (not in featured photo).  Many of you have seen them around Leslieville; walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, cycling, on the streetcars and occasionally….juggling! Their friendly and visually captivating presence in Leslieville has brought a smile to many of us for years now. When I asked Sr. Maria Kateri, during my visit, why they wear their habits during these outings, she replied, “Well, it’s that or PJs!” You can add ‘good sense of humour’ to their welcoming ways.