Toronto Life

After a wonderful Summer of cottage visits and the amazing Newfoundland trip, Toronto is still not a half bad place to ‘visit’. I live here of course, and on any given day, there’s a lot to see: in all its crazy weather conditions. Here’s a little slice of life in the city out adventuring (for the most part) with my co-pilot, Dr. Dre.  She wasn’t on all of these outings of course, but for the most part she gets to take a lot in with me. I think anyone with a dog and a camera can enjoy any place any time! *main pic Ashbridges House just a few minutes from home – our usual morning playground


Stormy Weather

In just over 3 weeks I think we’ve seen every kind of weather possible; rain, ice storms, hurricane-like winds, heavy fogs, snow, then 20C+ degree temps the next day. Crazy! Global warming is rearing its ugly head. The only upside is the great array of great photo opportunities this wild weather presents. Enjoy


After the Thaw

After polar temps of up to -37C with the windchill last week, we saw a rise in temps that broke a record. +13C only 48 hours later! Then…the freeze was back resulting in some other-worldly looking landscapes. These are all Toronto waterfront photos from just west of Ontario Place to the east end of the lake, Ashbridges and Woodbine Beach.